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Commission President

Commission President

Mr. Ricky Harcrow was born to Jack and Zelma Tumlin Harcrow in Rainsville, Alabama January 28, 1951.  Both sides of his family have been residents here for over 150 years. He is a graduate of Plainview High School Rainsville Alabama and attended Northeast state Community College and Jacksonville State University majoring in Business Administration.

Mr. Harcrow has served a local pastor for the past forty-two consecutive years and spent 20 years with the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) in their Hydro and Nuclear Divisions. He was elected City Councilman and Mayor before being elected to the Dekalb County Commission in 1996. He was elected President of the Dekalb County Commission in 2010 and currently serves in that position.  He also serves as President of the Alabama County Commission Association and has received the advanced Degree in Governmental Services through Auburn University.

Mr. Harcrow says,” the people of Dekalb County have been very good to me.  They have consistently elected me to office and helped me in too many ways to describe.  I am thankful that I have had the opportunity to return some of that kindness to the many and varied communities that I represent and the people who have made it possible  My first and foremost goal is to continue my service in the most honest and efficient way that I, the other commissioners and the staff can provide. They are all wonderful dedicated people and we strive to work together with all our agencies for the betterment of all. To say the least it is a difficult position to be in at times because decisions have to be made that effect so many. I pray that the lord will bless us as He has in days past that we can continue to serve others and thus serve him.”

“We welcome you to visit or contact us anytime.  We know you will find allot here you will like.  For example: the beautiful mountains, fertile valleys, Little River Canyon, plus an array of things to see and do not only here in our county but in the surrounding area.  All this makes Dekalb County not only an ideal place to visit but also to live.  But we will not forget the most important ingredient, our people are our greatest asset and I personally am more thankful for it today than I have ever been.  We say, COME TO SEE US WHEN YOU CAN and may God bless you and your family in a wonderful and special way.”

With Best Regards,

Honorable Ricky D. Harcrow

President DeKalb County Commission

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Fort Payne, Alabama

District 1

Mr. Shane Wootten was elected on 11/6/12 as Commissioner of District 1.

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District 2

Mr. Scot Westbrook was elected on 11/8/16 as Commissioner of District 2

I am Scot Westbrook. I am a lifelong resident of Fyffe, Alabama where I was born the middle son to Edd and Ila Westbrook of the Tenbroeck community. I am a 1992 graduate of Fyffe High School. I have attended college at Northeast Alabama Community College and the University of Phoenix and have obtained Associate's degrees in Business as well as Emergency Medical Services, and a Bachelor's degree in Healthcare Administration & Emergency Management. In 1995 I married Rebecca Downer and we started our family together, we have three sons, Drew, Dawson, and Hank.

I have spent the last 12 years serving the citizens of DeKalb County in public safety. I have enjoyed serving in this capacity and I look forward to serving DeKalb County as commissioner. I strongly believe that government is in place to serve the people that it represents, and I want to continue to serve and represent the people of DeKalb County.

I am employed with the Fort Payne Fire Department where I hold the rank of Captain and serve as the Training Officer and Emergency Medical Services Director. In this capacity I manage the Fire & EMS training for the Fort Payne Fire Department Regional Training Center. I am also a part-time employee with the Rainsville Fire Department.

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District 3

Mr. Chris Kuykendall was elected to serve as the Commissioner of District 3 on November 2nd, 2010.

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District 4

Dewitt Jackson, DeKalb County Commissioner - District #4, has been a resident of DeKalb County all his life. He lives on, and operates the family farm on which he grew up on. It was there, growing up on the farm that his parents taught him the most valuable things in life - to be responsible, to work hard, to take pride in what you do, to have respect, to be trustworthy and to treat others the way you would like to be treated.

Mr. Jackson graduated from Sylvania High School in 1972, and met his wife, Rhonda Fullbright Jackson from Sunbright, Tennessee in 1973 and were married in 1975. They have two boys - Heath and Tyler.

Mr. Jackson states, "Now it has come the time in my life where our kids are grown and I want to do my part to ensure the good quality in life for our children, grandchildren and all the people in DeKalb County. I am very honored to serve the people of DeKalb County. My promise has always been to do my very best, to work hard at county, state and federal levels to obtain funding that is essential to all the needs in DeKalb County. We have a beautiful county, on that we are al very proud of. May we all work together to continue to improve the quality of life for our future generations."

"If you are from out of town, come visit! We will treat you so many ways that you'll have to like one of them."

Dewitt Jackson

192 County Road 294

Sylvania, AL 35988-2315


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